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FOF Inc. is a recognized music producer and publisher producing many forms of music with something for everyone!

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FOF Inc. is a recognized television production company by the CRTC and major networks like Global Television and CTV!

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FOF Inc. publishes a newspaper called: The Fortress. This newspaper gives the ordinary individual a voice to speak their mind on issues important to them!

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FOF Inc. is a recognized book publisher through the Canadian Government with books in many libraries including The National Library Of Canada!

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*LottoFilmFest Becomes a Company! Story

*FOFSTOCK Becomes a Company! Story

*THE IAIJ-FOF Group Registers Three More Domains! Story

*FOF Records Inc Registered as a Corporation in the USA! Story

*New! Story

*New! Story

*The Fortress Experiment on YouTube Story

*"The Fortress Variety Show on Amazon Prime! Story

*"Positive Mandate for Humanity" Kindle on Sale at Amazon Story

*Positive Mandate Paperback on Amazon! Story

*A Positive Mandate for Humanity on Amazon Prime! Story

*The Fortress Experiment Available to Watch on Amazon Prime! Story

*Real Life Real Lives Available to Watch on Amazon Prime! Story

*A Positive Mandate for Humanity: The Series Story

*The Fortress Experiment gets Distribution with Amazon! Story

*World Premiere Screening of The Fortress Experiment! Story

*FOFSTOCK: Yonge Dundas Square - August 1, 2011! Story

*Details of The Fortress Experiment at The Royal Cinema! Story

*VIDEO: Maurice Ali (IAIJ) Speaking at the United Nations! Story

*FOF Entertainment Becomes a Corporation! Story

*One Three Media Takes A Look At The Fortress Experiment! Story

*The Fortress Experiment In HD! Story

*Droops Holiday Signs Record Deal With FOF! Story

*IAIJ-FOF Group Year End Review! Story

*Robyn Szeto Appointed Copy Editor At FOF! Story

*Tabitha Blair Finishes Book! Story

*My Unofficial Review Of The Blackberry Playbook! Story

*Occupy Wall Street: England! Story


*Anna Wendland Signs Record Deal with FOF! Story

*Anna Wendland Signs 2nd Book Deal With FOF! Story

*FOF Trademark Registered! Story

*Christmas Royalties and Bonuses! Story

*Trademark Update: Allowed! Story

*Donald "Boots" Brasseur Finalist At Seniors Stars! Story

*Tabitha Blair Becomes Production Coordinator with FOF! Story

*FOF Looks Toward Possible Theater Production! Story

*Tabitha Blair Signs Book Deal With FOF! Story

*Scott Williams Tapes Final Segments For Fortress Experiment! Story

*Samantha Blackwell Becomes Account Executive at FOF! Story

*FOFSTOCK: A Special Thanks! Story

*Occupy Wall Street: Toronto! Story

*Installing the Apple iOS 5 Operating System on the iPhone 4! Story

*Proposed Change IN YDS Policy - Sign The Petition! Story

*Tyrone Taiwo Signs Music Contract With FOF! Story

*Tabitha Blair Signs Music Contact With FOF! Story

*Anna Wendland Signs Book Deal With FOF! Story

*FOFSTOCK! WHOA!!!!! Story

*Jelleestone To Headline At FOFSTOCK! Story

*Neil Livingston Becomes Stage Manager At FOFSTOCK! Story

*IAIJ Becomes A Member Of The Canadian Commission for UNESCO! Story


*U.R.V Khan To Perform At FOFSTOCK! Story

*"LocoMezcolanza" At The Zodiac! Story

*FOF To Publish Song By Kevin Adgey! Story

*Becel Ride For Heart 2011! Story

*United We Rock! Story

*The Changing Face Of Canadian Television! Story

*FOFSTOCK Update: May 17! Story

*Buttonz Update & The Global Marijuana March! Story

*Samantha Blackwell Becomes FOF Media Coordinator! Story

*Canadian Tamils Urge Action On U.N. Panel Report! Story

*10 Best/Worst Countries To Be A Journalist! Story

*Jamie Curtin Joins The IAIJ Team! Story

*Amy Rice And FOF To Publish Book Of Poetry! Story

*Johnny Rourke To Perform At FOFSTOCK! Story

*4/20 Pot Protest In Toronto! Story


*Fortress Newspaper Sent to National Archives! Story

*Buttonz Single On Sale At iTunes! Story

*Radiation levels have Canadians concerned. Story

*Anti-Gaddafi Protest in Toronto! Story

*Corey Johnson "Speechless" CD Released! Story

*SOCAN Actually Does Payout Royalties! Story

*Canadian Music Week 2011! Story

*IAIJ To Celebrate World Press Freedom Day! Story

*Production Starts on FOFSTOCK: The Documentary! Story

*Contract For FOFSTOCK Is Signed! Story

*New Company: FOF Entertainment! Story

*FOF Records Becomes A Corporation! Story

*Long Term Review: iPhone 4! Story

*Fire At Yonge And Dundas! Story

*Corey Johnson Promotional EP Finishes Production! Story

*All Of Our Websites! Story

*Campaign For TV Series Begins! Story

*Official Award Ceremony For 2010 IAIJ Journalist! Story

*Reggie D'souza Awarded The 2010 IAIJ Award For Journalism! Story

*Amy Rice Becomes A Production Assistant For FOFSTOCK! Story

*Fortress On Tour - September, 2010! Story

*Another Fortress Hits The Streets! Story

*Pit Bull Owners Demand Repeal Of Bill 132! Story

*George Stroumboulopoulos - Man On The Move! Story

*G20: Day Of Action For Civil Liberties! Story

*Samantha Blackwell Becomes FOFSTOCK Production Assistant! Story

*FOFSTOCK 2011: Organization Committee Story

*How Could We Be Treated Like This! Story

*Scott Williams Becomes The Host/MC Of FOFSTOCK! Story

*FOFSTOCK Update! Story

*Queen Street G20 Protest! Story

*Video: G20 Queen St. - July 27, 2010! Story

*Labor Union Protest At Queen's Park! Story

*Pot Protest During the G20! Story

*OCACP Protest Against The G20: Part 2! Story

*OCAP Protest Against The G20": Part 1! Story

*Native Canadian Indians Protest G20! Story

*G20 Toxic Tour Protest! Story

*G20 Protest: Creative Queer Resistance To The G20! Story

*IAIJ Welcomes A New Volunteer! Story

*FOF RECORDS AD Finishes Production! Story

*FOF RECORDS: CD Sampler Begins Production! Story

*Citizen Journalists Of The World Unite! Story

*Slash Meets Kevin And Shane Of FOF RECORDS! Story

*Some Parting Thoughts On Meeting Slash! Story

*Wind Turbine Protest At Queen's Park! Story

*C.A.L.M. Protests At Metro Police Headquarters! Story

*Scott Williams Becomes The Face And Voice For FOF RECORDS! Story

*Business Trips For 2010! Story

*Shane Performs At The Cameron House March 19! Story

*Toronto International Auto Show! Story

*The Magic, The Gathering, what is this and why are my children playing it obsessively? Story

*The Fortress Experiment Seeks Distribution Deal! Story

*Application Accepted For Yonge-Dundas Rock Concert! Story

*Gracelyn Angeles Appointed Production Assistant! Story

*FOFSTOCK: Update3: Yonge Dundas Square! Story

*2009 Year End Review! Story

*IAIJ Association To Publish Newsletter! Story

*Some Changes At IAIJ! Story

*Sandra Murray Appointed Production Assistant! Story

*Seasons Greetings/Merry Christmas! Story

*Kevin Adgey Appointed Production Assistant! Story

*Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Toronto and the rest of the world! Story

*Willis Hiscock At The Newfoundlander! Story

*FOFSTOCK: Update 2: Mel Lastman Square! Story

*Open Call For Broadcasting Licence! - Part 2 Story

*Citizen Journalists Of The World Unite! Story

*IAIJ Director's Meeting and Other Updates! Story

*Willis Hiscock's Album "Lost" Released! Story

*Willis Hiscock Rocks The Royal Canadian Legion!Story

*Life And Times Plays On CTV's "A" Channel! Story

*3D Broadcast Is Born!! Story

*FOF RECORDS TO Promote Concert! Story

*Word On The Street, 2009! Story


*"Lost" Sent To CD Manufacturers! Story

*Actor Scott Williams Joins "The Fortress Experiment!" Story

*Urban Renewal Via Spray Paint! Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED At The Smiling Buddah, September 26, 2009! Story

*The Car Show Story

*UNESO Membership Update! Story

*BUTTONZ CD Released! Story

*Maurice Ali Becomes A Musician! Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED Loud At The Rivoli! Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED At The Rivoli On August 21! Story

*"Daze Of My Life" Ready For Distribution! Story


*Corey Johnson Signs Record Deal With FOF! Story

*BUTTONZ Finishes Production On First Song! Story

*"Channel Options For Viewing "Life And Times!" >Story

*Gracelyn Angeles To Perform In Radio Ad! Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED Gives The "Finger" To Cancer Story

*June, 2009 Fortress On Tour! Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED Rocks for Cancer! Story

*Another Fortress Hits the Newsstands! Story

*The Fortress Experiment Story

*Willis Hiscock Album Completes Music Production! Story

*Tamils Protest In Toronto! Story

*Dave Getchell Becomes A Director At IAIJ! Story

*Johnna Meneses Appointed "Publicity Agent" At FOF RECORDS! Story

*FOF RECORDS Registered As A Business! - Story

*Final Act of the Fortress Experiment Plays Itself Out! - Story

*FOF Plans "Leap" Into The World Of 3D! - Story

*Willis Hiscock Signs Record Contract With FOF Inc. - Story

*Our Websites! - Story

*Canadian Music Week: Part 2 - Story

*Canadian Music Week: Part 1 - Story

*My Fireside Chat To Our Members! - Story

*Deadline For Newspaper Submissions is March 11, 2009! - Story

*Fortress Experiment Closed Captioned With Described Video! - Story

*The Fortress Experiment Available For Broadcast Distribution! - Story

*BUTTONZ Has A New Look! - Story

*FOF Turns Five And The "Super Agile Corporation!" - Story

*IAIJ Aims Toward The U.N. And UNESCO! - Story

*IAIJ Makes First Contact with U.N.! - Story

*IAIJ To Put Out Another Issue Of The Fortress! - Story

*Jessica King Is Now BUTTONZ! - Story

*Year End Review! - Story

*Jessica King Begins Work with FOF Records! - Story

*Shane, Gritz And Swurv Go to Harlem! - Story

*Shane, Gritz And Swurv At Harlem Restaurant On Dec. 26, 2008! - Story

*Coalition Protest At Nathan Phillips Square! - Story

*Anti-Coalition Protest At Queen's Park! - Story

*Side Bar Events At The "Coalition" Protests! - Story

*New Directions..... - Story

*Shane Murphy Appointed: Manager FOF TV&Film Productions! - Story

*Our Organization is Restructured! - Story

*Strike At York University! - Story

*Remembering Remembrance Day! November 11, 2008 - Story

*New Website: FOFRECORDS.COM - Story

*F.O.F. Has No Business Relationship With EMI! - Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED Halloween Style! - Story

*Fortress Experiment Epilogue Certified For Broadcast! - Story

*The Free Press Certified for Broadcast! - Story

*FOF Variety Show (2) Certified For Broadcast! - Story

*The Word On The Street, 2008! - Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED At The Rivoli! - Story

*Dan Strudwick Submits Theme Music To CBC Sports! - Story

*Final TV Certifications Sent to CRTC! - Story

*What Is Fortress Of Freedom All About! - Story

*Going For It: Back To TV Land! - Story

*IAIJ To Pursue Observer Status At the United Nations! - Story

*FOF Trending Report: iTunes Sales Finally Outstrip Retail! - Story

*Jessica King Signs Record Contract With Fortress Of Freedom Inc.! - Story

*Jessica King: After Canadian Idol! - Story

*Booming A Microphone: 101 - Story

*IAIJ Issues It's First Certificates In Journalism! - Story

*Shauna Davies Hosts The Fortress Variety Show: Part 2! - Story

*FOF TV Call Sign And A TV Commercial! - Story

*The Series Is Finished: Now What? - Story

*The Fortress Experiment Finishes Series Production! - Story

*The Fortress Experiment: Epilogue Finishes Production! - Story

*The Fortress Variety Show: Part 2 Finishes Production! - Story

*MORE VISION On The Move! - Story

*Bicyclists Take To The Freeway! - Story

*Some Changes At IAIJ! - Story

*Bikers Fighting For Their Rights! - Story

*Shane Murphy Appointed A/R Manager In UK and Can.! - Story

*Don Brasseur Awarded the 2008 IAIJ Award For Journalism! - Story

*Sue Earps Sets Up Second IAIJ/FOF Office In London, England! - Story

*Sue Earps Becomes Director at IAIJ - Story

*AAVRY KNAPP TV Show Certified For Broadcast! - Story

*Real Life TV Show Certified For Broadcast! - Story

*Thanks To The Ontario Gov./City Of Toronto! Part 2 - Story

*Fortress Experiment TV Show Certified For Broadcast! - Story

*Fortress Variety TV Show Certified For Broadcast! - Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED TV Show Certified for Broadcast! - Story

*The Free Press Finishes Production! - Story

*The Fortress On the Road - May 2008! - Story

*Thanks To The Ontario Gov./City Of Toronto! - Story

*Justin Lapointe Rocks The Albion Mall! - Story

*The dirty side of Toronto Winter: Part 2! - Story

*My P&S and My "Franken HD Camcorder!" - Story

*Another Issue Of The Fortress Hits The Mailbox! - Story

*Good Luck To Gil Moore And Triumph! - Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED Sizzles At The Opera House! - Story

*The dirty side of Toronto Winter - Story

*IAIJ Association Is Up And Running! - Story

*IAIJ Welcomes Samantha! - Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED At The Opera House And iTunes! - Story

*IAIJ Initiates Certification Program! - Story

*Journalist Association Becomes A Reality! - Story

*Justin Lapointe - Story

*Black Market Revolution! - Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED Smokes Lee's Palace! - Story

*An Interview With Michael Atkinson Of TWENTY6HUNDRED! - Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED Plays Lee's Palace March 13, 2008! - Story

*The Future Of The Fortress Newspaper - Story

*FOF To Distribute Downloadable Music Videos! - Story

*IAIJ Moves Ahead To Incorporate Journalist Asscociation! - Story

*Another New Face At FOF: Tara! - Story

*The Oldest Performer To Be In A Music Video! - Story

*"Life And Times Of Don "Boots" Brasseur" Certified For Broadcast! - Story

*THE FORTRESS EXPERIMENT Finishes Production! - Story

*Filming In The Dog Days Of Winter! - Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED: Free With Purchase Show Finishes Production! - Story

*Production Begins On: The Free Press! - Story

*Real Life TV Show Finishes Production! - Story

*Next Year Will Tell All..... - Story

*An Incalculable Rip-Off - Story

*FOF TV Production Hits Thirteen Shows! - Story

*MORE VISION Starts First Advertising Campaign! - Part 2. - Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED TV Show Off To Certification! - Story

*FOF Corp. Sends Three More Shows To CRTC Certification! - Story

*Hyperventilation CD Release: Part 2! - Story

*Dave Getchell At Big Ronnie's - Story

*Dave Getchell MCs At Big Ronnie's - November 23, 2007! - Story

*MORE VISION Starts First Advertising Campaign! - Story

*FOF Records At Spin City Music! - Story

*FOF Welcomes Ryan Robichaud To Our Ranks! - Story

*Remembering Remembrance Day! - Story

*Emily Appointed as More Vision Account Executive! - Story

*Donald "Boots" Brasseur On TV/1954! - Story

*(there is no title) - Story

*The Month of October and Halloween = Much Despise - Story

*MORE VISION Enters The World Of Advertising! - Story

*Our New Office Administrator! - Story

*FOF Reaffirms Future Goal Of a Broadcasting Licence! - Story

*Getting Ready For Another Issue Of The Fortress Newspaper! - Story

*Art By Committee - Story

*Pride 2007! - Story

*Proponents Of Proportional Voting Have Been Heard! - Story


*Everyone Hates Parking Tickets! - Story

*Police Cameras - Do They Work? - Story

*Shaun Kelly's "Hyperventilation" Released! - Story

*Don Brasseur TV Show Goes To CRTC Certification! - Story

*FOF Music Sent To Mediabase And BDS! - Story

*AVID Sends "Liquid" Family of Video Editors Back To Pinnacle - Story

*Best HD Camcorder For Indie Filmaking! - Story

*CHEV Radio Plays TWENTY6HUNDRED's "Indie Band"! - Story

*Move Vision Starts Filming and A New Face! - Story

*Gingerbread Figure - Story

*Do All Guys Watch Porn - Story

*More Vision Starts Experimental Film! - Story

*Donald "Boots" Brasseur's: Maze of Music is Released! - Story

*FOF Goes High Definition! - Story

*FOF Using Pro Tools LE 7 For Audio Production! - Story

*FOF TV Turns Into Mini-Series For Television! - Story

*FOF CDs Off To The National Archives! - Story

*MORE VISION Join FOF's Conglomerate Of Companies! - Story

*FOF Trademark Confusion With Sony Corp. - FOF Wins Judgement! - Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED Plays Jeff Healey's! - Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED Plays Jeff Healey's On August 1! - Story

*Shaun Kelly signs Record Deal With FOF Inc.! - Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED Raises The Heat At The Kathedral! - Story

*FOF Welcomes Shaun Kelly To Our Organization! - Story

*Twenty6Hundred Playes the Kathedral On July 12! - Story

*Twenty6Hundred "Kicks It Up" At The El Mocambo! - Story

*Sam The Record Man Closes It's Store And What That Means! - Story

*National Film Board Of Canada Supports FOF Mandate! - Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED Plays The El Mocambo July 7th! - Story

*What We Do At Fortress Of Freedom Inc.! - Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED's Killer Performance At The Rivoli! - Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED At The Rivoli June15! - Story

*Dan's Photo Shoot And The Future Of The Mass Media! - Story

*"Just For Today!" - Story

*"Moving Back The Clock" - Story

*Shane And Gritz Gettin' It Done At Safari Village! - Story

*FOF Receives It's First Retail Cheque! - Story

*Shane And Gritz Perform At "Safari Village": May 19! - Story

*Dave Getchell's Book is Released! - Story

*FOF Joins CMRRA! - Story

*Don Brasseur Finishes His "Maze Of Music" Album! - Story

*Real Life Mini-Movie Ready For The Public! - Story

*FOF Records Now IN CKLN's Music Library! - Story

*The Fortress Goes On Tour: April 2007! - Story

*Another Issue Of The Fortress Hits The Street! - Story

*Production Begins: "The Life And Times Of Donald (Boots) Brasseur" - Story

* - Story

*Prepare Yourself For Something New! - Story

*No More Free Air! - Story

*Anti-War Protest 2007! - Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED Plays The Smiling Buddha! - Story

*FOF Signs Retail Contract With Sonic Temple! - Story

*FOF Signs Retail Contract With Sunrise Records! - Story

*FOF Signs Retail Contract With Sam The Record Man! - Story

*A Renaissance In Record Store Retail! - Story

*Dave Getchell's Book Goes To The Printers! - Story

*The Abuse Of Health Care - Story

*SH-AM-E - Story

*Donald Brasseur Signs Second Record Contract with FOF! - Story

*Fortress Newspaper Exclusive: My Stay At The Crowbar Hotel! - Story

*A letter to all of my fans, friends and family: (Shane Anthony Murphy) - Story

*Shane Anthony Murphy Turns Himself In! - Story

*Landmark Trees Removed: Part 3! - Story

*My Deep Dark Secret: Part Two! - Story

*Twenty6Hundred Rocks The Kathedral! - Story

*Introducing Lindy! - Story

*Twenty6Hundred Plays The Kathedral - Feburary1,2007! - Story

*FOF Variety Show Update and Three Years OF FOF/IAIJ! - Story

*Emily Returns To Fortress Of Freedom! - Story

*The Album "Flow With Me" By Gritz Is Released! - Story

*Dave Getchell Finishes His Book Of Music! - Story

*This Is Our Most Critical Moment! - Story

*Donald (Boots) Brasseur Gets Song Played On AM740! - Story

*Donald Brasseur's "Memories Of Christmas" Completes Production! - Story

*Latest AAVRY KNAPP Music Video And Other Happenings! - Story

*Shane Murphy Appointed As A&R Agent For Urban Music! - Story

*The Fortress Goes On Tour Nov/2006! - Story

*Our Own Ainsley Becomes An Associate Editor Of The Fortress! - Story

*Another Fortress Newspaper Is Hot Off The Press! - Story

*AAVRY KNAPP ALBUM: "Daze In My Life" Released! - Story

*TWENTY6HUNDRED CD: "Free With Purchase" Released!- Story


*Word On The Street 2006!- Story

*FOF And Gritz Sign Recording Contract! - Story

*Gritz: "Hype On The Mic. And Aggressive With The Flow!" - Story

*Gianna's TV Show Audition And Photo Shoot! - Story

*What It Means To Be A Mother - Story

*The King'S of Rock & Roll - Story

*Introducing: Donald Brasseur! - Story

*Maurice Ali Takes Over As Editor Of The Newspaper! - Story

*Introducing: Willis & Vern! - Story

*Introducing: Gritz! - Story

*FOF Crop. Retains The Law Firm of Neal And Smith! - Story

*FOF Corp Begins Formal Applications For TV/Film Funding - Story

*FOF Applies For Trademark! - Story

*Welcome Gianna! - Story

*Real Life Crew! - Story

*Teaser: Twenty6Hundred "Free With Purchase" Cover! - Story

*Teaser: AAVRY KNAPP "Daze In My Life" Cover! - Story

*FOF To Produce TV Show AAVRY KNAPP Album! - Story

*Roll Call For The Fortress Variety Show! - Story

*FOF TV Show Plays On The Global Television Network! - Story